Enrol Process & Eligibility

Before enrolment

  • Am I eligible to enrol?
    - Do you have someone help you to look after your child? Yes
    - Can this person can legally work in NZ? Yes
    - Is this person a family member? Yes - She/He will need to live in a separate place from the child unless she/he looks after another child who is not a family member

No - She/He can live with you or she/he can live in a seperate address from the child

  • If you are looking for a child care option, we can find you a suitable educator.
  • All of our educators meet the health and safety guideline and they are police vetted with all adults over 17 live with them in their house.
  • If you already having someone looks after the child, we will advise you about the requirements to be met in order to enroll in regards to health and safety, police vetting.
  • We are approved by Work and Income as a licensed provider, so depending your family income, we can provide assist in applying for childcare subsidy through WINZ
  • If you have someone looking after the child already, She/he will need to at least look after your child at a regular basis for 18 hours per week. We will make an initial visit to the house that the child is looked after and give more information about our programme and have an initial health and safety check.
  • Once you have made up your mind to start with us, please complete all required forms to enrol your child

Once your child’s enrolment form with your child’s birth certificate and immunisation certificate are back with us, we will confirm enrolment for your child with the educator.

If you have your own educator, we will do police vetting on your educator and advise you when the police vet is back.

After enrolment

Your visiting teacher will contact you to organise some time prior to the start date for settling the child with the educator to ensure that the child feels safe and secure in the absence of their parent/carers. She will also offer some free hours for this settling period.

A detailed Learning Journey is written after each visit, documenting your child’s strengths, interests and abilities. This becomes a valuable keepsake, celebrating their early learning milestones and achievements.

Based on the educator feedback about the child’s learning, the Programme Coordinator will make an Individualised Learning Programme, based on the Te Whãriki, the NZ Early Childhood Curriculum, for your child.

Every Visit the Programme Coordinator will discuss your child’s learning, review the Child’s portfolio. They will also leave resources and toys for the child. In addition to monthly home visits, our Programme Coordinators also organise play groups, outings and other activities to support educational care.

Contact us today to discuss your childcare options with our friendly staff.


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