March 23, 2017 by steven
Kia Ora Parents / Educators / Families / Whānau,In this blog we will be talking about the ERO report recently Happy Tots got. What is ERO?Happy Tots just received the confirmed ERO report. This evaluation is conducted for all Education Service (Early Childhood; Primary schools to Universities in NZ) at regular basis depends on the review results. ERO’s reports provide information for parents and communities about strengths and next steps for development for each ECE service or kōhanga reo. The…
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November 24, 2016 by steven
Bullying, sounds familiar? or your children might have experienced bullying before, not sure about it or don’t know how to deal with it? Let’s talk about it. What is bullying? Broadly defined, bullying is the “systematic abuse of power in interpersonal relationships” (Rigby, 2008, p. 22). Commonly there are three kinds of bullying in New Zealand, physically bullying; verbal bullying and cyber bullying. There are some good examples of bullying in everyday life – “My daughter was bit by…
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October 4, 2016 by steven
How to choose a proper cot mattresses for your baby? People purchase mattresses from different stores, brand new or some second hand from online auctions.The big question is - Are your cot mattresses too soft?Soft sleep surfaces are a risk factor for Sudden Unexpected Death of an Infant (SUDI) asthey may conform to the contours of a baby’s face and suffocate them.When buying a new cot mattress, look for the Australian and New Zealand safety standardAS/NZS 8811.1:2013. If it meets this standard,…
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September 13, 2016 by First Last
Happy Tots organised a Professional Development Session for Happy Tots parents, educators. We appreciated everyone attended the PD session. We invited Norma Hayward from Brainwave as the speaker. Brainwave is the organisation specialises on children’s early years developments on brain, languages, social development and so on. Brainwave’s focuses are based on large numbers of academic research and data analysis.
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August 11, 2016 by First Last
Why lots of parents complaining about their children are shy, don’t want to make new friends, had rough time in the play group or childcare? Large numbers of parents concluded that it is because my child’s personality is too shy, he or she doesn’t like public environment or engage with other children or adults. Is this correct? Before we going through this, the first concept we have to understand is social competence, what is social competence? Social competence refers to a person’s…
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