Happy Tots ERO (Education Review Office) Report and What does it mean to Happy Tots Families?

Posted on March 23, 2017 by steven

Kia Ora Parents / Educators / Families / Whānau,

In this blog we will be talking about the ERO report recently Happy Tots got.

What is ERO?

Happy Tots just received the confirmed ERO report. This evaluation is conducted for all Education Service (Early Childhood; Primary schools to Universities in NZ) at regular basis depends on the review results.

ERO’s reports provide information for parents and communities about strengths and next steps for development for each ECE service or kōhanga reo. The reports cover things like the learning environment, processes and procedures, how educators relate to students, the commitment to bicultural practices and how they support Māori learners, how they review and monitor themselves, and their vision and philosophy.

Basically ERO report is the indication of the 'quality' of a service and how the 3rd professional party evaluate the quality of the service's practice from Pou Whakahaere; Pou Ārahi; Mātauranga; and Tikanga Whakaako. The methodologies of review by ERO is a holistic, professional approach way to evaluate a service's practices from different perspectives.

What Happy Tots Got?

Happy Tots has got 'Well-Placed' that is the very best outcome of a service could get for the very first ERO evaluation.

The ERO report specified Happy Tots' practices from different perspectives -

We promoted Relationship and Quality are the two main values of Happy Tots. ERO found the inclusive relationships and partnerships we established with families, educators and families guide children' s learning and development, different ways of communication with Happy Tots key stakeholders strongly enhanced the professional relationship and partnership of collaboration for children's day to day learning.

Curriculum and assessment are another aspects to even elaborate Quality as Happy Tots' core value. As ERO's comments - the holistic, comprehensive and in-depth curriculum planning and assessment of post delivery really promote the quality pedagogical leadership of an Early Childhood Service. The personalised learning plan has just been well-noticed and accepted by Happy Tots families and parents.

Internal Evaluation is always be the key element for ERO's review framework, Since last year early 2016, ERO has lifted the bar of quality evaluation for ECE services, traditional 'good' or 'quality' services are strongly impacted by the newly introduced methodologies of ERO evaluation. Happy Tots has always put quality Relationship and Quality as our key core values proprisitions through strong effective and meaningful communication via both traditional and ICT channels to collaborate with all Happy Tots key stakeholders to enhance children's day to day learning and development. We always believe strong professional relationship and effective / meaningful communication are still the way to go even in fast paced daily life we in every single day.

Teachers - No doubts, Teachers are the most important key assets of Happy Tots, positive happy teaching team will bring even more effective learning for every single family and child. To maintain the great high quality of our teaching team, Happy Tots encourage teachers from different perspectives. On-going professional development is one the key supportive element implemented from the very beginning of Happy Tots. Also the flexible ways of working maintain great work-life-balance, and this is also the key ingredient of quality relationship with our families.

Overall, just take the chance to appreciate all the supports we got from each family. Doubtless those supports are our great motivates to move our service to even higher level up.

To conclude, a quote from the ERO Officer "Happy Tots' practices and methodologies of planning & assessment have set a new higher Benchmark in the early childhood industry"

To download the full report please CLICK HERE to view from ERO Government Website

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